How To Make Your Own Affirmation Cards To Sell?

Do you love affirmation cards, but have never found one that exactly meets your needs? So you’ve thought about doing it yourself, and now you’re wondering how to make and sell your own affirmation cards? You can find more information here.

If you want to create your own affirmation card, the first thing to remember is that the competition is huge. If you put Affirmation Cards on Etsy right now, you’ll get over 31,000 hits, so if you want to design your own affirmation cards (or make and sell your own self-care cards), you’ll need a plan and a great design.

So let’s take a look at the eight steps you can take to create an affirmation card.

1. Target customers

Who is your target audience? Ask yourself who your ideal customer is – what age, background, style, likes, and dislikes. What kind of cards will she buy today, given that your creations are not yet on the market? Consider underserved groups in the industry.

2. Unique Visual Effects

How does your affirmation deck design stand out from the competition? There are three main areas to consider – your visuals, your message, and your brand identity. You need to have something different to your deck that will make you stand out in the eyes of your dream clients.

3. A Talented Artist or Creative Market?

In the beginning, you need to define your card design and style.

Is the back of the card a uniform, simple design, or is it a series of illustrations?

Is the front of the card just plain text, or do you need to add specific design elements?

This will affect your decision on who will do the artwork.

Instagram is a great place to find talented artists and illustrators looking for work. If you can’t afford premium artwork, consider offering a partnership. Never let an artist work for free for “exposure”!

Alternatively, you can buy a set of illustrations on Creativemmarket that fits your style (don’t be afraid to spend days searching) and “assemble” the elements yourself in Canva or Photoshop. This will cost significantly less, but your words will really be needed to win the day!

4. Motivational content

Do your research and be 100% clear about what makes your dream clients turn to an inspirational deck every day. Write boldly, edit your words fearlessly, and hone in on the perfect set of messages to meet your ideal client’s needs and support her when she needs it most.

5. Printing

Printing an affirmation card deck for sure is cheaper than some other products. When you save the whole printer in pdf format or a large file in jpg/png/tiff format and a box design (ecoworldprinting’s team of graphic designers can solve this for you), you can contact the printer in your own country (google) or overseas printers and started getting some quotes.

6. Photography

Great photography can make or break your new affirmation card business. A good graphic designer should be able to take your print files and create photorealistic mockups for you, which is usually cheaper than photography. 

Ecoworldprinting has a Professional Designer team and provides Graphic design & 3D Mockup Services, also provides advertising Photo & Video services.

7. Selling Your Own Affirmation Card Deck

You can sell your own affirmation card in three main different ways.

First is via your own website – Shopify is a good, easy platform for this.

Secondly is via Etsy or Amazon – competitive, but with a large customer base.

Thirdly is via wholesale, which means selling your own affirmation card decks for about 60% of the retail price to stores.

8. Marketing

You will need a highly active Instagram presence to drive your target audience. Consider offering free and paid digital products and services around your cards as well, to increase your subscriber list. Pinterest is also a great place to (slowly, undoubtedly!) build organic website traffic, and when you are ready to sell, a well-targeted Facebook/Instagram ad campaign could pay off.


So now you know what the basic steps are for creating your own affirmation card deck – and selling them.

If you need more affirmation card deck case references or other details and costs that need to be considered in product customization, contact ecoworldprinting for help!


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