Custom Printing Service

Notebook / Planner / Journal / Book

Baby Memory Book / Wedding Planner / Guest Book / Selfcare Journal / Board Book / Booklet etc.

Custom Printing Service

Notebook / Planner / Journal / Book

Baby Memory Book / Wedding Planner / Guest Book / Selfcare Journal / Board Book / Booklet etc.

How to Make Custom Notebooks to Sell?

If you want to start a business with a Notebook, Planner, or Memory Record Book, such as a Self-care Planner, Daily Weekly Planner, Baby Memory Book, Wedding Planner Book, etc. . As soon as you have a start-up idea, Ecoworldprinting will give you full customization advice through our thousands of customer cases and nearly 20 years of factory production experience.

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Size & Pages

Examples of sheets and pages

One Sheet, Two Pages

One Folded Sheet, Four Pages

Two Folded Sheet, Eight Pages

First, you need to consider the usage scenario of the product to determine its size.

In general, Text-only Notebooks, such as daily planners, weekly planners, and self-help notebooks, are either B5 or A5 sized, depending on the design of your inner pages. But Record Books like baby memory books and wedding planners are usually A4-sized since most require pictures to be posted inside the pages to make them more memorable.

After determining the size, you need to calculate the number of pages required, which will determine the way of binding. You can refer to products that are already on the market, or if you need more advice on size and sheets, feel free to contact Ecoworldprinting.


The way a publication is bound will impact its look, its durability, and its affordability.

Ideally, a planner or a memory book is something an owner will treasure for many years – recall detail over and over again over time. With gorgeous and durable binding, your book will last long.

Whether hardcover or softcover, selecting the right binding technique will help you to create a piece that’s stylish, long-lasting, and cost-effective. We have the perfect binding choice for you.

1. Spiral Coil Binding (Single) & Wire Coil Bound (Double)

Popular options for Workbooks, Journals, Cookery Books, Calendars, Brochures, and so on. The material of the coil is mainly metal and plastic. There are not many color choices for metal coils, and they are easily deformed under pressure. The plastic coils are rich in color and are not easily deformed.

It should be noted that when a book bound with spiral coils is opened, the patterns on the left and right pages will be misaligned, so it is not suitable for books with double-page patterns, but wire coil bound will not.

2. Saddle Stitched & Loop Stitched

Great Choice for softcover books with a lower page count. (Also consider the thickness of the paper. )

They are very economical binding methods for Short-lived Magazines, Journals, Booklets, and other products. But the shortcomings are also obvious. The iron wire nails are easy to rust and have poor firmness, and the flatness of the book is poor after opening.

As the picture shows, the obvious difference between the two binding styles is the nails, Loop Stitched allows the book to hang. But both of them require the number of pages to be a multiple of Four.

3. Sewing Bound

Saddle-sewn binding is a simple, durable, and cost-effective way to embellish your book. Similar to Saddle Stitched, because of the nature of the fold, saddle-sewn books are also only appropriate for a thin softcover book and require the number of pages to be a multiple of Four.

4. Perfect Bound

The standard choice for most softcover books. This flexible, glued binding will stand the test of time.

Perfect binding is an incredibly versatile binding method. Making it suitable for a wide variety of publications, such as a 32-page Magazine or a Catalogue with several hundred pages. Another benefit of perfect binding is that it creates a flat spine that can then be printed on. This allows information such as the title of the publication and author to appear on the spine.

However, it is not recommended if the thickness of the spine is less than 4mm as this will not provide enough surface area for the glue to stick to. Saddle stitching would be a more suitable choice.

How to calculate the width of a spine? Welcome to contact Ecoworldprinting’s sales team for more information.

5. Case Binding

Library quality and archival safe, this is the highest-quality binding in the business. 

This type of binding combines both sewing and gluing – the folded and gathered signatures are sewn together and then thermally glued to the hardcover case which provides added durability. When opened, case-bound books lay flat on the table. Many of our clients who do Mind Note Journals, Wellness Journals, Pregnancy Journals, Baby First Year books, and Guest Books often choose this binding method. A wide variety of materials can be used for the case cover, including leather, cloth, and printed laminated paper.

Cost is the biggest drawback to the technique. The net cost of case binding can be several times the cost of perfect binding.

6. Butterfly-fold Binding (Our Special Binding Name)

This binding method is ideal for Children’s Educational Board Books, and The Adventure Challenge Book because the pages can be laid flat at 180° and generally choose thick paper of around 400 grams.

You can refer to Ecoworldprinting’s Scratch-off Adventure Book using butterfly-fold binding

7. Loose-Leaf Binder

Loose-leaf books are editions that have no binding. Unlike hardcover and paperback books, which are bound together by glue and stitching, loose-leaf books come as a stack of hole-punched pages that can be separated or bound by the owner.

This ability to rearrange and update the contents of binders is convenient for students and others, who can carry only the papers they are likely to need on a given day while leaving the remainder elsewhere.

So loose-leaf binding is great for making a Weekly Monthly Agenda Planner, Business Notebook, or Wedding Planner Book.

Logo Effect

Special Logo and Packaging Box can create a unique concept for your brand, leaving a deep brand impression in the minds of buyers.

Our wide range of surface printing processes can provide a variety of artistic presentation effects for your Book Cover Logo Design and matching Gift Box Packaging.

Cover Material

The design and feel of the cover is the first perception customers have of your product and can fully express your brand.

The cover materials we provide include the most common White Cardboard and Double-sided Art Paper, as well as special Linen Fabric and PU Leather.

If you have any special ideas and designs, please contact Ecoprinting’s professional team.

White Cardboard

Art Paper


PU Leather

Page Material

You can choose the appropriate paper material, paper weight, and paper color of inner pages according to your book type and target user characteristics.

Offset Paper

* Cost-effective

* Custom Color

* Double-sided Printing

Wood-free Paper

* Cost-expansive

* Pure Wood Pulp, Eco-friendly

* Absorbing ink evenly, Smooth Writing

Page Design

Add more template details that are easy for users to understand. Choose the best suitable template for your market. Ecoworldprinting has some complete design documents that can be provided to you for design reference, such as Baby Memory Book, Wedding Planner, Selfcare Journal, etc. Welcome to communicate with Ecoworldprinting for more details. 


By adding accessories to bring more value to your project, your clients will love it. Welcome to provide your needs to the Ecoworldprinting’s Professional Team, we will provide you with One-stop Service.

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With more than 17 years of printing experience, we can guarantee that the production process is smooth and safe. Also, our one-stop services will help you save much time and worry.

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